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eNGLAND WORLD RE OPENS re opened its doors this year and many of the virtual world places mentioned in this blog have now closed. This blog is effectively closed too. In we have re opened our old hood the England World.

Wherever you decided to settle on the world wide web I wish you all the very best and look forward to seeing you around the worlds or in or Second Life.

For new developments please follow:

To sign up for an account in please visit:


We have moved !!!

Our group of sims in the New World Grid have been discontinued. There are now 12 sims on the OS Grid which have a large number of freebies and residential land. Since the OS Grid is the second largest grid after Second Life it made sense to move across this more vibrant community.

You can find our new home by typing in 'Freebies Central' in the OS Grid search bar. Further details and instructions on how to reach us via the hypergrid will follow...... thanks for reading.

There2 Breaking News

After all the false hopes and rumours it now seems possible that could re-open. For more details on this exciting news follow the blogs of Michael Wilson at 

New World Grid

 Latest News...There are now 7 Therian sims with Zephyr and Paiz Island joining the rest on Saturday 22nd January 2011.

There are now 5 Therian sims on the New World Grid; Cosmo Island, Zona Island, Fisher Island, Duda Beach and Life After There. The regions are now much more stable and there are regular events within the community. 


 Cosmo Island

The oldest surviving sim from the first series of Therian sims on the New World Grid ( NWG ). Features a main square, Club House, some outbuildings, and the Information Point tower with its freebies and memorabilia. There is also a sandbox, a hypergate, and the Cosmo Design Studio building.

 You can access this sim via the hypgergrid or signing up for an account at the New World Grid


 Fisher Island

 This sim has a distinctive industrial feel to it with its large Fisher Warehouse Building ( a few surprises inside ) and smaller outbuildings nearby. There is a small harbour with a few boats and a sandbox area. Visitors from the now closed world will recognise the medieval cottage, along with its pub sign that was used in the England World Hood in

 On the other side of the island there are the freebie shops, a large sandbox area, and a container ship berthed alongside the quayside. The hypergrid terminal can be located alongside the cafe in the shopping area main square.



 Zona Island

 Zona links up with Cosmo and Duda Beach through a series of bridges and sim crossings. It has a disused railway station, the large Tyr Hotel complex and Ootay holiday village. The log campfires here will be a familiar sight since they are styled on those from

 The Welcome Point building on Zona Island has some free clothes and its own hypergrid Gate and  sandbox.



Duda Beach

 Duda is different. Its sandy beaches and colourful themes set it apart from the other sims. The sim features a ranch, natural harbour and a number of interesting buildings.

 Duda has its own hypergrid gateway, log campfires and a kissing booth!


Life After There Island

This was the name of the original island when closed. It only ran for a short period of time before being abandoned when earlier and more unstable versions of open sim caused a mass exodus to Second Life.

 Thankfully NWG is now one of the most stable grids around. It has voice capability and sim crossings and crashes are now infrequent. Life After There is an organised residential district where land can be obtained free for ex members.

 Hypergrid: Not hypergrid enabled


New World Grid

The New World Grid website can be found at

New members to the NWG should first land at Welcome Point and familiarise themselves with this PG world. The teleport centre in the Welcome Building is a good place to start. The Cosmo Island teleport board can be found inside.

The next port of call should be the Free Market to customise your avatar and pick up the freebies. From there take a trip to the Sandbox area for a second building packed full of freebies. Miley World is definitely worth visiting since Dordy and Miley have put a lot effort into providing the NWG with some additional free goods for all residents.

Giovanni's Party in the New World Grid

There are some people that really stand out when you visit virtual worlds. They are helpful, friendly, fun to be with and they care about people. One such person is Giovanni in the New World Grid and we celebrated his birthday yesterday at the Cosmo Club on Cosmo Island.

Originally there were quite a few builders at the Life After There island and three sims were acquired for members of the community. Stability problems and lack of numbers eventually caused this community to drift and two of the islands were abandoned.

Only Cosmo Island now remains but it is going through a bit of a tidy up and features a main square and a landscaped sim. The people here are really friendly and a recent upgrade has meant that the environment is now a lot more stable with almost no lag at all even with the numbers present in the club last night we could freely move around at ease with no issues.

Headed up by the Newmans and their team this is worth taking another look at folks. These sims are also great places for practicing your building skills outside of Second Life. The Imprudence viewer allows importing and exporting of objects between the grids and is quite stable in NWG.

There Com Festival in Second Life - Saturday 10th July

Timetable - Schedule of Events

 For 24 hours, starting at 00:00 SL time, a series of events takes place for members. There are parties, recommended places to visit and chat zones. Staggered over the full 24 hours this is your chance to catch up with old friends. The success or failure of the event will depend on how the message gets passed around and how much effort each organiser puts into their own event. Please tell everyone you know and lets make this the biggest and best re-union yet.

The forums part of this site has a section for each event. The 10th July tab above has additional information for organisers. You can register here too but if you do please only use your old avatar name. We will post out the timetable to everyone registered on this site and the facebook groups where this poster can be seen.

Nearer the date we will have a full program in notecard form for SL and in colour format so that you can just click on the SLurl and follow the events and recommended places to visit.


When a Virtual World closes for the last time....


This website was originally designed for refugees of the virtual world -, a large and popular world with a very close knit virtual community. Sadly it came to end on 9th March 2010.

When your world ends - what next?

For those that are unaware was one of the largest virtual worlds in existence. In terms of its size it is generally accepted that it came third after Habbo and Second Life. The technology of was intricate and diverse. Members could build, purchase clothes and objects and almost anything from a large online auction. They built islands, continents and a variety of themed environments. members had access to many games and hobbies that provided a high degree of interactivity. They could play games at card tables, drive buggies and cars, fly helicopters and hovercraft and tke part in paintball contents. Anyone interested in taking a look at what it was like can find many photos and videos on the Facebook pages at 'Life After There' or by visiting You Tube and searching members were extremely proud of their world. For many it was a shock when the closure was announced. Because was so diverse, people went there for many different reasons. For some it was the social aspect, for others it was the buggy racing. Many liked to build and some even had large islands or land called neighborhoods. The card tables were also popular.

Before and after the closure of its members had started downloading all kinds of virtual worlds. Almost all the virtual worlds will have been visited. Emails were sent out requesting help and the resonse from the virtual worlds community has been amazing. Second Life, Kaneva, Moove, Onverse, Blue Mars, Twinity, to name only a few, have all made special efforts to help displaced residents of

Members of came together through Facebook, forums and existing websites which allowed us all to network and keep in touch. Although fragmented, with people choosing different laces to set up home, they could still keep in touch with close friends due to the strong network that existed. This was helpful for a lot of people. members continued to report back on their experiences in the worlds they visited and large numbers ended up in Second Life by virtue of the fact that it was the largest virtual world and a place where many of their friends ended up.

A month is a long time in the life of a virtual world. Despite enormous energy and exchanges of information between members, it was clear that in the space of a few short weeks - it was all over. So, what became of them? Where did they go? What happens when a world closes for the last time?

This website could have closed too. However, it now serves as a virtual repository for a collection of reviews and general information about other communities that exist on the web. One day if your world closes it could be invaluable to you as a resource and a place to see what others have experienced when their world closed.

By all means feel free to use it, to register and to comment. Your contribution is invaluable. Hopefully it will serve to help others.


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